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Companies Valuation

Companies Valuation

It is a service that provides a quantitative value to a company according to a series of economic and sectorial objective criteria.

Do you know the valuation of your company?

With the Valuation of companies you could know how much does your company or any other you are interested in worth. It is appropriate for purchase and sale operations, mergers, capital enlargement or reduction, transmissions, shareholding restructuring or simply for those persons wishing to know the value of a company in a quick and easy way without having to do a great investment.

In the current economic situation these 3 questions evaluate the value of a company:

  • Do you know how much does your company cost?
  • And how much would you pay for it?
  • Could you request a valuation on any company?

Thanks to the agreement reached between INFORMA and Faqtum, the greater supplier of valuation of companies' services in Europe, you could easily request a valuation of a company and getting to know this way their value in the market and how much would an investor pay for it.

With this service you could consult the real value of a company and obtain an in-depth knowledge of the value of a company.

Do you know the valuation of your company?

How is a business valuation made?

The valuation of a company offered by INFORMA and Faqtum is supported in an investment theory based in the current value of the future distributable benefits and the residual value at the end of the projected period. Investment profits are enough to cover purchaser interests and amortization payments. The current value method of the future profits to be distributed may be used to evaluate any type of company.

On the first place the profits of the company susceptible of being distributed are calculated. These consist on future income expected and the effect in case the company is capitalized or undercapitalized. These last one depends on the Capital /Assets Ratio. If a company has a higher ratio that the average of the sector, for example 50% and the average of the companies in the sector is 20%, that means that the company is over capitalized and this difference would be incorporated to distributable profits. The opposite occurs in the case of a company undercapitalized. Our model uses the average Capital / Assets Ratio of the sector in which the company develops its activities.

Besides carrying out the calculation of the profits that may be deferred, it is carried out a calculation of the residual value of the company at the end of the projected period; that is to say, the sale value of the assets of the company deducting liabilities; tax on profits from the sale of such assets are included.

Capital cost is the fee to be received as investment profit. One of the ways to receive this fee is to carry out results analysis that may offer alternative investments. As client, you may simulate the effect of future scenarios when changing one of the values of the model, which would have an immediate effect on the valuation of the company.

How is a business valuation made?

Consult a demo on companies' valuation

We do hereby provide access to companies' valuation demo report. In this PDF file you could consult by clicking the link or downloading on the device you normally access, you could verify different valuation report:

  • Value
  • Valuation method
  • Comparison with the Sector
  • Forecasts
  • Initial Assessment
  • Financial Statements

In each and every one of the mentioned sections you would find detailed information that are the result of the general value obtained by the consulted company.

In case you may have any doubts or questions about the valuation of companies report do not hesitate to contact us by telephone or through our website.