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Responsible and Sustainable Company

Responsible and Sustainable Company

We help our clients to make business decisions in an ethical and sustainable way, with full transparency in our management.

Our strategic framework includes Corporate Social Responsibility and is based on four main points: customers, employees, suppliers and social environment.

Our Customers

As the focal point of our business they are at the centre of all our decisions, which are focused on creating innovative solutions to help them make the best decisions using INFORMA's data universe.

Our suppliers

We work with providers that share our business model and our values, and we have a Purchase Management system, which is framed in our ISO 9001 Quality System.

Our Employees

The people at INFORMA are essential for the successful performance of our business strategy and, thus, one of our key pillars. That is why making INFORMA a place where people want to work is one of our most highly valued corporate values.

We promote gender equality.

We promote gender equality and want to create a working environment in which our employees can develop professionally by doing their best. Our Gender Equality Plan guarantees this policy and includes a proceeding to manage discriminatory or harmful situations for workers' rights .

Our Employees

Social environment

We do understand that, as a company, we are committed to society and we must boost its sustainable development.

That is why we assign 0.7% of our profits to social causes and why we fund projects that impact on the well-being of the most vulnerable groups in society: children, seniors and people at risk of social exclusion.

INFORMA's Volunteer Club

This initiative was created by our own employees and their commitment to social causes, and it promotes their voluntary participation in different causes. At the moment, 31% of our employees participate in the Club's activities.

We are an environmental friendly company

We control the direct environmental impact that comes from our activity through an environmental management system certified by ISO 14001.

Social environment

Corporate Social Responsibility

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Commitment and responsibility


Code of Ethics

CESCE GROUP's Code of Ethics is the operational scope for all employees and managers of the Group on their professional activities as it collects the values and principles defining the Group’s culture and that of the companies forming it.


Internal Information Channel

Its purpose is to receive and process communications on breaches or infringements of current regulation (material scope of art. 2 of the law 2/2023), or of the principles and values of INFORMA or CESCE Group (Code of Ethics).


Sustainable Development Goals

INFORMA works to fulfil the 10 Principles of the Global Compact of which it is signing partner since 2011.


Anti-Fraud Plan

The Plan details all fraud, corruption and conflicts of interest preventive, detection, correction, investigation and prosecution measures existing in INFORMA.


Politica de seguridad de la información

En la Política de seguridad de la información de Informa D&B S.A (S.M.E.) se detallan  las directrices generales de calidad y seguridad de la información para la empresa.