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Geomarketing: What is and what is it for?

Geomarketing: What is and what is it for?

Geomarketing is a tool allowing you to geolocate your customers to improve your business strategies and decision making.

Discover our Solution for Spain, Portugal or International with coverage all over the world.

What is Geomarketing?

Geomarketing uses mapping location technologies that allow you to analyse customer, supplier and competitor portfolios within your business ecosystem .

What is Geomarketing for?

With this location intelligence, you could, among other actions:

  1. Detect the most profitable areas to optimise your actions to attract new customers and retain them.
  2. Know the behaviour of your business on a map to immediately visualise where to act.

inAtlas Informa: Our geomarketing solutions

At INFORMA we offer you different Big Data predictive geolocation solutions depending on your needs:

  1. Geomarketing inAtlas Informa, our solution for companies.
  2. Geopublic inAtlas Informa, our solution for Public Administrations.
  3. Geomarketing Worldwide inAtlas Informa, our international solution.
  4. P&P Kit Digital, our solutions as Digitising Agents of the Digital Kit Programme.
inAtlas Informa solutions bring together advanced location analytics and data visualisation technologies that enable you to:

  1. Analyse customer, supplier and competitor portfolios within your business ecosystem.​
  2. Detect the most profitable areas to optimise your customer acquisition and retention efforts.
  3. See at a glance the performance of your business.

Geomarketing Solutions

Profit all the advantages of a Geomarketing solution:

  1. From the simplest one immediately and at the best price.
  2. Search for clones and enrichments with Informa's data.
  3. Inclusion of sectorial data.
  4. Customised according to your needs.

With this solution, you could:

  1. Consult the following data on interactive maps:
    • 3.8MM active companies and sole proprietorships (headquarters and branches).
    • 46MM consumers (household consumption profiles).
    • 17MM portals (Profiles of Resident and Floating Population, Workers, Tourists, Students.
  2. Perform macro-scale business and socio-demographic data segmentation and micro-scale analysis in areas of influence.

What data does geomarketing offer me?

For the entire B2B market of Economic Agents, companies and sole proprietorships, you will have:

  • Geographical data: address, postal code, towns, provinces or Autonomous Communities.
  • Company data: commercial, financial, sectorial, risk, etc.​
For the entire B2C Consumer market:
  • Geographic data: Census section, postal code, towns, provinces or Autonomous Communities.

  • Profile data: volume, density, income, expenditure, gender, age, studies, unemployment, dependence, nationality, etc. Floating population: presence of tourists, workers, students, residents.

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inAtlas Informa: Our geomarketing solutions

How does the Geomarketing solution work?

Our geomarketing solution works on a 3 simple steps basis:

  1. Segment your market with filters to discover where your prospects are.
  2. Analyse the proximity areas of the places you want to evaluate and prioritise.
  3. Download the data of companies/sole proprietorships and population profiles immediately in Excel.

And you can increase its functionality thanks to the customised modules that enable the uploading, updating and analytics of your own company's data for geolocation and cross-referencing with business and general socio-demographic information in Spain.

Advantages of using InAtlas Informa solution

  • No software installation required
  • Easy and intuitive use.
  • 24/7 access from any device.
  • Unlimited number of users.
  • Secure storage of your data in Ireland.
  • Continuously updated data.
  • Initial and ongoing training.
  • Personalised customer service.

Do you need integration in your systems?

We have an online consultation service via API of the indicators calculated at household level (floor-door).

  • Input: entering a postal address
  • Output: automatic enriching of the address with the chosen indicators .

How to use Geomarketing

There are several geomarketing applications; you can use them to:

  • Attract new B2B and B2C customers.

  • Optimise commercial prospecting and the opening of new points of sale for Banking, Insurance, Retail or the Horeca Channel.

  • Search for new distributors and optimise routes calculation for transport fleets for Manufacturers and Wholesalers.

  • Study the market share for the location of shops and supermarkets.

  • Carry out B2B and B2C market studies for consultancy companies.

  • Locate your portfolio and optimise the distribution of your commercial network by sales potential.

  • Search for buildings (land registry) with certain characteristics (roof surface, price/m2, commercial areas, offices, tourist areas...) to implement your services.

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