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This is the most innovative solution of the market to minimize the business risk of your clients during all the phases of the business cycle.

Access to the more comprehensive business information to manage your clients portfolio, make decisions and have all the relevant changes under control.

Besides, you could include your own information and access to exclusive and restricted access information.

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Help your financial team with the necessary information at the right time to quickly make the best decisions. With Informanager you could:

  • Carry out a multivariate analysis of the debt distribution and situation.
  • Nimbly evaluate business credit decisions requests.
  • Access to exclusive payment behaviour information that would help you to reduce your customers' debt.

Who are we oriented to?

It is specially designed for financial teams that need more than traditional information.  

Risk Managers and Credit Managers

Control the risk and decide whether you accept the business credit operations or not while having a global perspective and the necessary tools to optimize the management.

Collection Area

Reduce your average collection period by knowing how your clients are paying other suppliers and by having exclusive predictive indicators.

Management staff

Control the situation of your clients, their distribution and evolution by anticipating the risks and being the first to know about new opportunities.

Who are we oriented to?

All the information at your fingertips

With Informanager you could access to Informa's business reports and, besides, you would have a complete services platform including:



Obtain a complete overview of the situation of your clients and the outstanding debt of your company: 

  • See the KPIs of the companies of your portfolio in a single screen
  • Analyse the situation of each of your portfolios.



Receive in real time the changes in the companies you are interested in 

  • Customise the changes you want to receive 
  • Receive customised alerts by each portfolio



Obtain a recommendation on a commercial operation based on our know-how and on your risk policies.

  • Save time by automating credit decision making  
  • Minimise the risk of unsuccessful operations 



Informa’s cloud service to store your Reports and Dashboards.  

  • Access whenever you need
  • Save it automatically in Dropbox.  
  • Share it with other users  


Portfolios Management

  • Group the companies in the structure you choose 
  • Organise and classify your clients with the same organisation you have at your company 
  • Control the users access to the different portfolios.


Payment Analysis

Unique and exclusive service for the trade partners that allow you to know and share your payment situation with that of the rest of the businesses.

  • Get to know if you are being paid better or worse than the rest of the suppliers.
  • Speed up collection and you would reduce the average collection period

Do you need to control your customers' portfolio? Take control with Informanager.

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