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Sales force cloud

Salesforce is a globally accepted, premier Customer Relationship Platform (CRM) available on cloud and comes with powerful, rich features to integrate all customer relations activities and offer seamless solutions

Salesforce comprehensive and illustratively combines the sales, marketing and customer support in an integrated manner, all at one place to give a crystal clear picture of the entire history of the potential leads, and customers to help organizations track and take informed decisions.

Besides all other services are made available securely on the cloud such as commerce, analytics, IoT, App, health, financial that significantly reduces cost, increases productivity to manifold levels.

Aspirant Soft Solutions possesses deep expertise in deploying Salesforce technology capabilities to help our clients scale up operations and stay ahead in market competitiveness.

How does Sales force cloud technology assist your Company

  • Salesforce is an amazing and phenomenal CRM platform build with powerful, most advanced technologies and made available on cloud.
  • It helps in enhancing and improving customer relations with built in features
  • Organizing information of the customers is made simple, easy to find and seamlessly available to multiple department within an organization
  • Enhanced communication between all stake holders helps in quick decision making
  • The entire process of managing customers is automated thus helping in high quality customer support.
  • The analytics and reporting system comes with powerful analytics data to track, analyse the information for organizations to take informed decisions.


Form builder technique gives drag & drop, which eases operation & increases understandability.

Platform Independentness helps you to run the application on all smart phones.

Secured Platform assists you trust and rely on the security architecture.

Hassle free coding helps you to get a simple yet effective technology at hand.

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